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The Remedy Team
Mathew Shaw (Co-founder & spokesperson) is an orthopaedic registrar and was not directly involved in the MTAS/MMC recruitment process, but feels passionately that doctors are being wronged.
RemedyUK began when it became clear to Mat and Matt that doctors needed to stand up for themselves, get involved in their own futures, and not rely on others. As Chairman he encourages sometimes heated debate, and draws on the strengths of the whole committee to achieve consensus. It is important to him that that his vision of the way medicine should be practiced is not destroyed by poorly thought out plans introduced for short term political gain.
“Highlight so far? My Newsnight tete a tete with Jeremy Paxman! Bring it on.”
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Matthew Jameson Evans (Co-founder, Co-Chair of the committee, press liaison & spokesperson) He qualified from Guys, King’s & St Thomas’ in 2001 having emerged from a previous incarnation as an Oxford Modern Languages graduate. Incredulity at relentlessly flawed reforms prompted him to team up with his registrar, Mathew Shaw, who was working at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital to found RemedyUK in November 2006.

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Richard Marks (Head of Policy and Legal, spokesperson) is a consultant anaesthetist and has been a Deputy Regional Advisor and a Training Programme Director in London. He was recently elected onto the Council of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. He joined RemedyUK because he was unhappy with the way MMC had developed – he particularly felt that run through training was a bad concept which should never have been accepted. Richard was the key witness in the RemedyUK judicial review. “If this is what the government achieves by Modernising Medical Careers then frankly I rather prefer the old version.”
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Louise Bayne (Parliamentary liaison) Louise Bayne is the Charity director of Ovacome, the UK ovarian cancer support and information network. Married to a trainee, her family’s experience of MTAC/MMC prompted her to offer her skills to the Remedy team at the beginning of 2007.

Louise coordinates the political activity of the organisation as well as bringing a valuable non- medic perspective to committee deliberations.

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Lindsay Cooke (Co-Chair of the committee, Managing editor of R-UK magazine) is a veteran campaigner who cut her teeth on the Green Party’s European Election campaign in 1989 (15% of the vote, no seats) and handled marketing, communications and fund-raising for Charter88, the campaign for constitutional reform, from 1993 to 1997. She is the mother of a junior doctor now working in New Zealand thanks to MMC and is the founder of ad hoc lobby Mums4Medics ( which came into existence in March 2007. She works as a communications consultant, an actor and an acting teacher, “It’s the urban equivalent of crofting.” She joined RemedyUK because she is incandescent with rage at the way doctors have been treated.
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Stephen O’Hanlon (Committee member)
graduated from Wolfson college, Cambridge. He was formally an ENT trainee in London who has started retraining as a GP. He hopes to become a GP with a specialist interest in ENT, especially rhinitis and allergy. He joined Remedy UK to protest against MTAS, which affected the career of thousands of junior doctors, including his own. He is committed towards promoting Remedy UK’s campaigns, in print and online. He writes for various medical and non-medical blogs. Outside of medicine, he is a world expert on Origami, and collects American comic books.

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Sum Yee Chan (Research support – on sabbatical) graduated from the Royal Free & University College School of Medicine in London. She is currently working as a non training grade registrar in genito-urinary medicine. She is interested in improving access to flexible training as well as improving the training of both training grade and non training grade doctors. She joined RemedyUK as she was concerned that doctors would be forced into run through training too early in their careers and that MMC would be not be flexible enough for many doctors’ needs. She is particularly concerned about equal opportunities in medicine. She undertakes much background research for RemedyUK, and prefers to be ‘the quiet one in the background’.

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Ben Dean (Committee member)
I am a surgical trainee at ST1 level in the Oxford Region and got involved with Remedy UK because I have become increasingly frustrated with the grossly incompetent management of the NHS and medical training by the powers that be.

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