Brain Vitamins – DHA Supplements Guide

Brain vitamins are getting more and more attention nowadays, especially with the prevalence of diseases such as Alzheimers. Your brain cant function on its own. Just like any other bodily organ, your brain needs various nutrients and vitamins in order to function. And, without your brain, nothing in your body works. Even more than your heart, your brain is truly the center of your body and your being. So, it makes sense to learn more about what brain vitamins you need for optimal health.

There are a number of supplements on the market that are formulated for brain health and optimal brain function. In only the past few years, scientists have made great inroads into which vitamins, nutrients, and supplements our brains need in order to best perform. Of course, there are variations in the contents of various supplements, but there are a few things to look for when it comes to brain supplements.

One important brain supplement, or brain vitamin, is DLPA, or DL-phenylalanine. DLPA is a naturally occurring amino acid. Your body doesnt easily store DLPA, so its important to take supplements that contain it. This particular amino acid acts like an endorphin. It helps us stay happy and also helps us regulate our mood. It also has to do with your bodys ability to cope with pain, and also to remember things.

Choline is a substance thats similar to the B-vitamins, and it can be classified as one of the important brain vitamins. Choline is a central ingredient in the growth of fetuss and children, especially of their brain development. We get this particular brain vitamin through our foods, especially peanut butter, whole eggs, cauliflower, almonds, and soy and navy beans, among others. Choline is one of the many brain vitamins that have been shown to prevent memory loss, although it doesnt seem to help restore memory once its lost.

Antioxidants such as vitamins E and C are also important in brain health. They help reduce the properties in the brain that result in cellular damage. They can also influence memory, coordination, and balance. You can get antioxidants like these from apples, raisins, grapes, spinach and berries as well as in various over the counter brain vitamins.

Many of the B vitamins are important in brain function, especially B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. People who are deficient in the B vitamins have been shown to have problems like depression, anxiety, memory loss, confusion, and even abnormal behaviors.

Another supplement you need to look into if youre interested in brain vitamins is DHA. DHA is one of the omega-3 fatty acids. As youve probably heard, we dont get nearly enough omega-3s in general in our diet. DHA, in particular, is a very essential supplement to have. Unless youre taking a supplement like some fish oils, youre not going to have enough of this essential brain vitamin. That would be a mistake, because DHA is one of the key components to optimal brain function and brain health. As a matter of fact, there have been studies linking Alzheimers and lack of DHA. Although the jurys still out on this connection, you certainly will want to include a DHA along with your other brain vitamins.