6 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Burn Scars

Is your burn scar spoiling your beauty and lowering your self-confidence? Burn scars are not only a problem that affects, but it can be a horrible memory of burning incident and might stay longer in the future. Fortunately, most of the burn scars can be healed by employing a few home remedies regularly.

1. Citrus Juice

These 2 citrus fruits work as an ideal healer to remove stubborn scars from skin. The acidic property of the fruits makes your scars lighten and visibly eliminates them quickly. Here’s a simple procedure to follow at home. First, take two pieces of fresh washcloths or cotton balls. Dip them in the tomato juice and the lemon juice separately. Rinse the place of burn scars thoroughly with cold water. Apply the tomato juice damped cloth on the skin. Make sure your skin is completely dry and free from moisture.

After tomato juice, use lemon juice dipped cloth on the same place. Do this twice a day. You can notice that the scars will be far lighter after a week.

2. Fenugreek Seeds

Probably the most prescribed ingredients to reduce the burn scars and spots. Dip the fenugreek seeds in water overnight and in the next morning make a paste with the wet seeds. Then, apply the paste on your marks. After a couple of hours, wash the paste off. The whole procedure needs to be followed regularly and that has to be proven very efficient in banishing the marks of your body and makes you relieved.  Besides fenugreek, Turmeric is also proven helpful for removing the burn scars from the ancient times to all. With the help of cold water, it has the greatest ability to reduce the burn marks.

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has many anti-septic and healing properties. It has the immense power to get rid of the   burn scars. Just dip a piece of cotton ball in the lavender oil and apply the cotton ball directly on your scars. This oil also has calming and soothing property. After applying you will instantly feel better on the skin.

4. Almond Oil

The pure almond oil can be used as a scar treatment. This oil is comparatively cheaper and easy to avail. Use it like lavender oil. Try to apply oils at night time before going bed.

5. Indian Yunani-Cotton Ash Paste

This traditional scar healer had been in use to treat and heal scars and spots for thousands of years. Following are the steps to follow to make this treatment at home. First burn a huge piece of cloth specially cotton or piece of cotton wool in a metal pan. Take the ash created by burning and mix olive oil with the ash. Make a paste with both of them and apply the paste on the skin. Regular application shows noticeable changes on the scars.

6. Potato Peels

You can also try potato peels to get rid of the clenches of the burn spots. The anti-bacterial and skin-lightening property of the potato peels helps removing scars and spots easily.